The Evolution of Jewelry from Jason McLeod - Gems and Jewels in Tuscon

Fine metals and gemstones are no strangers at the gem and jewelry shows in Tucson, but Jason McLeod’s designs are truly out of this world. He designs necklaces, cuffs and bracelets that combine ancient inspiration with a Science Fiction twist, to create “something that looks like it’s from the future and the past”. (click above to continue reading)

Out Of This World! Jewelry in the Space Age

Several of Jason's Time Traveler Cuffs appeared in this exhibition that originated the the Forbe's Galleries in NYC and later went on display at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. (click above to read more)

Technology in the Jewelry Designs of Jason McLeod

Read this fun article on how technology influences Jason's jewelry. It includes some insights about Jason's inspirations and the design process. (click above for the full article)